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Let's talk about science

A busy week for news!

50 years of secrets revealed

A matter of (in)justice

Roundup litigation at turning point as Bayer rejects "global resolution plan"

That didn't take long: Monsanto wins Roundup trial

Update: Monsanto wins

For first time, Bayer CEO targeted to give testimony in Roundup litigation

Bayer facing long line-up of new Roundup trials as cancer takes toll

Glyphosate and Alzheimer’s disease?

Eat up - FDA says 59% of US foods tested contain pesticide residues

You're a liar! No, you're a liar!

This is a big deal

Dirty work - Chemical industry attack machine in high gear

Get ready for another round

EPA gets smacked by Inspector General

Pesticide in your pee?

Three strikes and... Bayer says it is not even close to being out

9th Circuit smacks EPA down on glyphosate

Bayer takes another court win; jury in Roundup trial says no connection between weed killer and man's cancer

More coming on Monsanto, and other stories you may not want to miss

Former Monsanto CEO takes the stand

Just when you thought it was safe to eat your fruits and veggies....

When the law isn't on your side, politics might be

My new gig: The New Lede

Another legal blow to Bayer

Monsanto on trial again - Missouri Roundup case begins

Disasters - those we see and those we don't

Signs of a silent poisoning

Just when you think your work matters

Former Monsanto CEO could have to testify at upcoming Roundup trial

California regulators changing language on glyphosate and cancer risk

Former Monsanto CEO files for protective order in Roundup case

St. Louis Roundup trial is off; parties settle

Biologist who was fired after opposing glyphosate forestry use gets day in court

The sad story of Mead, Nebraska

UPDATE-Monsanto granted "emergency" delay for St. Louis trial

Monsanto seeks "emergency" delay for St. Louis trial

Unsettled - Another Monsanto Roundup case heads to trial

More than 50 pct of tested U.S. rivers, lakes, and ponds heavily polluted, research shows

Another PCB lawsuit targets Monsanto

Syngenta's Monsanto moment

Hard to swallow? The FDA moves to take a tougher stance on PFAS in food

A not so appetizing report on weed killer in our food

Plaintiffs allege 3M is hiding documents in nationwide PFAS litigation

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