https://www.archive.org/details/piety-piet-close-up-or-closeted-up --- 832 pages

on glyphosate between pages 267 to 593

most of it in dutch, then english and german [separated by background colour, chronological]

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I wonder what Bayer is "waiting" for? I mean, the smart money would be to payout, do a global settlement, mea culpa. Move on. As more time goes on, more evidence comes out, as more people are telling others not to use the vile, pernicious stuff. The suits will only get more fast and furious until the tide turns and then a tsunami of litigation, etc. Its pretty linear at this point.

No one will buy Monsanto so they cant on sell. The biggest product is a catastrophic global poison, quite likely to have already diffused into the water table, atmosphere and soils, so no company will touch it. Its only a matter of time before its public knowledge. Not if, when.

So what does Bayer know that we don't? I feel like they are just biding time, until something happens that they then win by default.

Like are they waiting for economic collapse to declare bankruptcy?

I do know that with certain experimental technologies utilised in public health over the last couple of years is going to muddy the waters when it comes to proving cancers, particularly lymphoma's....🤔🤨😐😑

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