Love substack. The challenge is that there are so many incredible contributors that I'd go broke buying subscriptions to all!

Carey, keep up the great work! When I first started researching the immune system I quickly learned just how toxic pesticides are to human health, especially glyphosate (read Monsanto Papers ;-)) . This experience especially "debating" with all the trolls on social media who claimed that it was "safe as table salt" made me realize just how aggressive the companies were in shooting down anyone or any science that demonstrated pesticide toxicity. Strangely anytime I asked the pesticide pimps about the shikimate cycle (an essential process in healthy plants, bacteria and fungi) which is disrupted by glyphosate, they got very quiet. We now understand that the microbiome (both human and soil) is rich with trillions of these microbes and an essential part of our health. (The microbiome was only recognized in the 1990s by doctors and is still poorly understood by the medical profession. Before that time, pesticide companies claimed that glyphosate did not negatively impact our health. We now have a growing library of scientific evidence that says it does.)

Given this experience and my steadfast focus on immune health, I began researching the various vaccines to determine what short-term and long-term impact they had on our immunity. I was looking for the most immune friendly option. But the more I researched, the more alarmed I became. Turns out the spike protein in C-19, which only begins to invade our organs in severe cases, is injected into everyone who gets the jab. Depending on which one you take, your body is being trained to produce trillions of spike proteins that we know from lipid nano particle studies that are in all these vaccines, go to almost every organ in the body. The only organ that is apparently not seriously impacted are the testis in men.

However, once you begin questioning health dogma, it doesn't take long before you get attacked and I quickly realized that pharma made agrichemical companies look like bit players in comparison when it came to controling govt agencies, politicians, the medical industry (including most doctors) and the media.

Sadly most of my friends and relatives seem to accept that narrative without question and look at me like I'm a Martian when I start talking about how vaccines negatively impact our innate immune systems. As more data is published by real scientists (as opposed to pharma sponsored), studies are repeatedly showing that the more times you are boosted, the more deterimental these effects. We still have no idea how long it takes to purge mRNA vaccine derived spike proteins from our systems but it looks like it could take 15 months or more (assuming you don't keep getting jabbed).

Nice to have the many talented people on substack who stick to the truth and keep us informed!


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C19 SHOTS shed. Since my husband’s Moderna SHOT, I’ve been very ill for 11 months although am improving recently since I’ve been taking many supplements, homemade Hydroxycloroquin, cooking w/marijuana, cut out most sugars & processed & fast food. If I try to list symptoms, I get censored.

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