It is clear that many are deeply concerned about similar issues - there are several campaign groups, for instance in Parkersburg where the biggest law action ever concerning pollution is underway. PFAS,s. Some 40 billion is a sum mentioned.

Shell needs a great deal of effort to be made to do anything which does not immediately concern profit.

Actions are what really count - your work is just great, but think of a boycott of all shell petrol stations in the usa ------

Teflon is a one of the PFAS chemicals - the publicity surrounding the pollution caused by its production and the associated ilnesses are slowly but surely eroding its sales and reputation - Dupont have been using all kinds of schemes to cover their lies, such as calling it something else, or saying pfoa safe - this is the glue holding teflon to the pan and that is really nasty, they have replaced it with another chemical just as bad, even dupont say so.

Dupont made about 90million dollars per day from the production of ptfe.


I have produced a leaflet about PTFE and been giving it out for over 2 years - now its been picked up by the press here and further. A leaflet about the shell plant?

Go house to house and ask for donations if you want to go down that route - ive done that and it worked well - impressed.

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Great article, sadly this problem of toxins and toxicity is far greater than most people are aware of. The closer one lives to these types of places the more severe the issue.

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Thanks for alerting us!

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