Interesting Fact - Bayer CEO Werner Baumann’s 2021 Compensation - $8.4Million

“In terms of compensation awarded and due, Baumann ultimately took home €7.79 million ($8.4 million) for the year.”


This is the guy leading Bayer in determining settlements that are “reasonable”.

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I want to wave the (corporate-sponsored) animal studies in his ugly face & ask him where the human celiac studies are. (For those who've not slogged through the 800-page list yet, yes, the animal studies warranted celiac studies.) Bayer continues to claim, and some celiac support groups to parrot the claim, that glyphosate does not trigger celiac symptoms. Funnily enough, for me and all the confirmed celiacs I know, as well as many non-celiacs with pseudo-celiac symptoms, it does.

Sometimes during the mood swing with which these reactions begin I fantasize about shoving a glass jar of evidence under his nose, unscrewing the lid so everyone can experience the very special smell of celiac sprue (from the blood), and yelling "Why has Bayer not paid to analyze this?"

There's a reason, of course. Because samples are so disgusting and glyphosate tests aren't the cheapest or easiest chemical assays to do. So the cost is $2000 per sample. But any company that's paying people to tell me that glyphosate can't be what's doing this to me, because they say it can't, should be paying a company for those assays.

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What is really sad...these chemical, any major corproration forr that matter, know going in they have a problem. They don't hire ignorant people.

They also know that it will 30 years to work through the system and in that time they will generate 2-3 billion a year then when thiongs look bad they place 20 billion into an interest bearing trust and these companies NEVER actually get 'punished',,,they continue to infiltrate our alphabet agencies...that are supposed to protect the food supply...all slight of hand andf they continue to poison us. From the Air, water and soil....then they palce even more crap in our food.

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