It is a highly profitable cycle isn't it? Make people sick for profit and then sell them drugs and treatments for profit. The American way.

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been following 2 giant corporations responsible for the worst (not monsanto)

They have access to the states and regulatory bodies here in Norway, their activities defy belief and still it goes on.

The papers rumble about it now and again.

Fortunately there are now a few cracks appearing - but why does it take a few dedicated individuals.

The cost to society of these illnesses are not borne by the companies involved but by you and me and our states.

Why when the evidence is clear?

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Can no longer edit my comments on Substack, can anyone else edit their comments, or am I just 'special'? Thanks Carey for all your work, you have been inspiring me for years....your early book Whitewash was the first book I read after I had been poisoned with Glyphosate by a neighbor. I filed a complaint with the local Ag Dept within 30 days and the sprayer was cited. Small victory. Best

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No Surprise here!! Who benefits from rising Cancer rates? Big Pharma!! He should invest the same amount of time, energy and dialogue on his push to go green with an even bigger push to let people know about the reasons for Rising Cancer. It's the chemicals we are ingesting and the White House does Nothing to inform the public!!!! We the public need to start making lots of noise in one strong clear unified message. Carey does an excellent job keeping us informed, we have to support her by asking city, county and State Officials for answers. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!

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